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Here a page listening recent department happenings that might be of interest to our alumni/ae.

  • 2003-2004

  • May

    • May 6.  John Krantz delivered this years Mortar Board Last Lecture entitled "Perception and Reality."

      Julie Witherup doing the introduction

    • April 29-May 1.  Midwestern Psychological Association. The department had several presentations at the recent meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association.  Several students we authors and co-authors on these presentations.  The presentations (with the students in bold) were:

      The Effects of Courtesy and Payment on Impressions of a Couple Out to Dinner T. WILLIAM ALTERMATT, JULIE WITHERUP, & ANGIE MILLER, Hanover College

      Staking your Worth on Grades versus Knowledge: Intellectual Competency as a Contingency of Self-worth DAVID BUCK, Hanover College, CONNIE T. WOLFE, Muhlenberg College, NOELLE LIWSKI, Hanover College & JOHN KRANTZ, Hanover College

      Sex Differences in Social Support Seeking in the Academic Domain ELLEN RYDELL ALTERMATT & SARAH E. KAMPLAIN, Hanover College

      The mediating role of agency in positive and negative gender stereotypes T. WILLIAM ALTERMATT, Hanover College, JACQUELYN A. SHELTON, University of Michigan-Flint

      Integrating Research into the Curriculum to Foster Intellectual Development Regardless of the Career Path JOHN H. KRANTZ, STEPHEN DINE YOUNG, ELLEN ALTERMATT, & WILLIAM ALTERMATT, Hanover College

      Bill at his poster.
      Skip at the department poster
      Noelle, David, Angie and Julie of to the Art Institute

  • April

    • Amy Till has been accepted and has agreed to attend the School Psychology Ed.S. program at Indiana University.

    • April 2, 2004. Our psychology seniors all presented their research projects at the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference.  They gave 14 separate presentations. 

      There are more pictures here.


  • March

    • March 22, 2004.  John Krantz delivered an invited address to Chicago State University entitled: Web-Based Research: Issues, Problems and an Example Technique. (As PowerPoint)

    • Angie French is featured on the cover of the local newspaper about the medical mission to Jamaica done by 19 Hanover College students who went over Winter Break.

    • March 18, 2004.  John Krantz went to Madison High School to talk about sensation and perception.

  • February

    • Congratulations! Julie Witherup has been named the Assistant Director of the Lilly Vocation Project here at Hanover College for the next two years.

    • George Zirkle.  It is with great sadness that the psychology department has learned of the passing on of George Zirkle the first psychologist hired by Hanover College and the founder of the department.  He passed away on the evening of February 23, 2004.

    • Congratulations!  Noelle Liwski has been accepted to and agreed to attend the Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program at Purdue University.


  • January

    • January 29-30, 2004
      Half of the Department Goes to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology to Present Research.

      Both Bill and Ellen Altermatt went to SPSP to present posters. 
      Bill's poster was "Chivalry is not for everybody:  Chivalrous men are more courteous toward 'virtuous' women" and is by Altermatt W. and Cohen.  (See the slides here)
      Ellen's poster was "Capitalizing on success and coping with failure: An examination of students' interactions with family members and friends."  The authors are:  Altermatt, E., Kim, Mosher, and Swartz.


    • Well, the weather has been interesting lately with the ice storm on Sunday (1/25).  The ice did not deter Sarah Kamplain from getting to class as this photograph from the local newspaper, The Madison Courier, attests.  Click on the image and see a scan from the newspaper with the headline and the text under the photograph.


    • John Krantz has received a couple of honors.  First, Hanover is going to a divisional structure with Divisional Heads.  John has been named to be the divisional head of the Natural Sciences Division.  He will take over that job in the Fall.  He has also been named editor-elect of the Psychonomic Society Journal Behavioral Research Methods, Instruments & Computers.  He will become editor next January.

  • December

    • Skip Dine Young has received word that his sabbatical has been awarded for the Fall of 2004.  Congratulations.

  • November

    • November 6, 2003  John Krantz presented a paper entitled "Media for Web Experiments" at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology (SCiP).  Vancouver, BC.

  • October

    • October 7, 2003
      John Krantz with Angie French made John's annual trip to Southwestern Elementary Students to show off sheep brains.  More pictures will be forthcoming.

  • September

    • September 25, 2003
      John Krantz did a faculty research presentation on the work he is doing on his sensation and perception text.

    • September 3, 2003
      Our newest members, Bill and Ellen Altermatt will talk about about their research.  The event will be in SC 147 at 11:00 am on Wednesday, September 3.

  • August

    • Welcome to our two new Faculty Members.  We are very pleased to welcome our two newest faculty members Ellen and Bill Altermatt.  They both received their Ph.D.s from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.  Ellen has recently been teaching at Michigan State University and Bill has been teaching at the University of Michigan, Flint.  Ellen will be teaching developmental psychology and Bill will be teaching social psychology. 

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