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Here a page listening recent department happenings that might be of interest to our alumni/ae.

  • 2002-2003

  • May 2003

    • Goodbye Seniors!

      We will miss you!

      Back row: Sarah Pierce, Kim Ault, Megan Stevens, Kati Knight, Maggie Tate, Bree Kitchens, Briana Underwood

      Front Row: Scott Keegan, Whitney Nixon, Kirsten Li, Maxx Somders, Katie Bottom, Brandi Reynolds, Jessica Thornberry, Sarah Blythe, Any Kerr, Johnny Tock, Adam Bowman, Derek Oswald (Not Pictured: Ashley Boester, Sarah Davis)

      Here are pictures from graduation

    • Congratulations!  Bree Kitchens has University Graduate Scholarship from the University of Cincinnati.

    • May 19, 2000 Psych Club Election results:

      The New Officers for 2003-2004 are

      Noelle Liwski

      Vice President
      Julie Witherup

      Sarah Kamplain

      Jenny Drake


      Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who ran and voted.

    • May 8-9, 2003. Sarah Blythe, Maggie Tate, & Jessica Thornberry represented the department at the recent MPA conference presenting posters based on their senior projects.  Dean Jakoubek stopped by.  For more pictures check here.

    • Psychology majors Nate Moore, Derek Oswalt, Danielle Pattison (not pictured), and Abby Ramser are all recipients of 2002/2003 Scholar Athlete awards. Congratulations.

  • April, 2003

    • Congratulations to Ashley Boester and Adam Bowman.  Ashley has accepted an offer to attend Loyola University's M.A. program in Community Counseling which is a prerequisite to the Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, which she plans to enter.  Adam has accepted the offer to attend Law School at the University of Northern Kentucky.

    • April 10, 2003 Psychology has several award winners at the Honors Convocation today.

      Sarah Blythe and Kati Knight are the 2003 winners of the George and Sara Zirkle Award.


      Maggie Tate and Jessica Thornberry are the 2003 winners of the Distinguished Student in Psychology Award


      Kati Knight is also the 2003 winner of the Henry C. Long Citation.


      Psychology minors and almost majors also picked up other awards.  Valerie Horobik won Distinguished Student in Biology.  Jen Chalmers won Distinguished Student in Spanish.  Robyn Shoaff won Distinguished Student in Theology.

    • Several students are presenting work at the upcoming American Psychological Society Conference.

      All papers will be presented with Elizabeth Spievak.  Here are the papers (student names are in bold):

      Escape-Style Coping: Exercise and Self-Focused Attention (Talk) Elizabeth Spievak, Amy Kerr, Kristi Helmkamp, Jessica Thornberry, Patricia Callahan, Shannon Hooven, Tasia Cowan, Shannon Updike

      What We've Forgotten about the Day We Would Never Forget: Memories of September 11th (Poster Presentation): Patricia Callahan, Elizabeth Spievak, Amy Kerr, Kristi Helmkamp, Jessica Thornberry, Shannon Updike

      The Effect of Group Values on Attitudes Towards the Mentally Illl (Poster Presentation): Amy Kerr, Elizabeth Spievak


    • April 7, 2003.  Kati Knight has been named an Honorable Mention in the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. 

    • Congratulations to Sarah Blythe.  She has accepted the offer to attend Northwestern University in their Neuroscience Ph.D. program.

    • April 4, 2003.  Psychology majors Briana Underwood (03) and Angie Miller (04) are playing tonight with the Hanover College Orchestra tonight at 7:30 in the CFA.  They are playing Dante's "Divine Comedy" and according to Briana "it has a lot of cool sound

      So come out and support Briana and Angie.

    • April 2, 2003.  At the annual Alumni/Senior Banquet, Kati Knight receive and Alumni/Senior Award and Valerie Horobik won the Independent Student of the Year Award.  Ok, Valerie is not a Psych Major but she is a Psych Minor and she is an officer in the psych club.  Congratulations to both!
      Valerie Horibik

    • Congratulations to Bree Kitchens (Picture coming if I can get one).  Bree has accepted the offer to attend Counseling program at the University of Cincinnati where she plans to get her Ph.D.

    • Congratulations to Brandi Reynolds.  She has accepted the offer to attend Spalding University for the Fall in their Psy.D. program. In addition to being accepted, she  was offered an assistantship there in the Education Department. 

    • Congratulations to Kati Knight.  She has accepted the offer to attend the University of Michigan to study Social Psychology.  She will be working with Jenny Crocker, Connie's adviser.

  • March, 2003

    • March 21, 2003 John Krantz has received word that he will be promoted to the rank of Professor in the coming Fall.

    • Matthew Paava Stults (2001) has won the prestigious Senator Fulbright Grant for international study.  His proposal is to study how exercise is instrumental as a treatment for clinical depression in the elderly.  He will travel to Jyvaskyla, Finland for a year long research project. Returning to the U.S. in 2004, funding has already been produced to hire me as adjunct faculty at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, lecturing on his experiences in special topics classes.

    • Ashley (Hughes) Harden ('99) has her senior thesis featured on the website for the 5th of the St. Martin's Handbook, a guide to undergraduate writing, by Andrea Lunsford published by Bedford St. Martins.  Her senior thesis is a model scientific literature review. To see her thesis, go to and click on student samples. Her paper is the first one listed.

    • Reeshad Dalal's ('98) dissertation at the University of Illinois, Chapaign-Urbana, won the Seymour Sudman memorial award. It's an all-UIUC (i.e., any graduate student in any department at any of the campuses--Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, and Springfield--is eligible) award for excellence in survey research.  Next Fall he will be joining the faculty at Purdue.

    • Congratulations to Kirsten Li.  Senior Kirsten Li will be going to the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where she has bee accepted to the Experimental Psychology Ph.D. Program.  As part of her package she has been awarded the Chancellor's Fellowship which is renewable.

  • February, 2003

    • February 14, 2003.  John Krantz made one of his increasingly regular visits to the psychology classes at Madison High School.  This time we took over the hall ways.

    • February 5-8, 2003.  Sara Blythe, David Buck, Kati Knight, Noelle Liwski, & Maxx Somers all presented posters with Connie at the Society for Personality and Social Psychologists.

    • Congratulations to Skip.  Skip has received word from the President that he will be granted tenure and promoted to Associate professor with his next contract.

    • COMPS

      Blood?, Sweat (Definitely), but no Tears (at least not visibly). 
      Monday evening (Feb 3, 2003) Our seniors accomplish the daunting task of taking comps.  Maxx is either sharing his enthusiasm for the activity or ...?  The seniors struggle through with their usual good humor.

  • January, 2003

    • January 25, 2002.  Skip and Katie Dine Young are the proud parents of a new son.  Skyler Dine Young was born Saturday afternoon and weighed 9lb. 2 oz.  Both Mother and son are doing fine.  Please congratulate the new parents.

      The whole family welcomes Skyler.

      Lilly enjoys being a big sister.

      Skyler thinking deeply already.

    • Two Senior Projects have been accepted by Midwestern Psychological Association.   Jessica Thornberry and Maggie Tate will present their project, The Role of Social Interaction in the Development of an Abstract Self-Understanding, and Sarah Blythe will present her project, A Mathematical Model of the Retina Capable of Form & Color Analysis at the May meeting of the MPA.


  • November, 2002

    • November 22, 2002.  Kirsten Li gave a presentation based on the internship she did last summer working with cognitive delayed children at a camp in Wisconsin. Kirsten will talk about her experiences and she will talk about a research project she did as part of the experience.


    • November 19-23.  David Buck (04) and Brandi Reynolds (03) participated in the Hanover College Theatre production of Our Town.

    • November 21, 2002.  The psychology department participated with the other science departments in hosting several classes from Ryker's Ridge Elementary school.  The departments contribution was showing the students sheep brains.  Always good for a strong reaction.

      Photo by Ken Ritchie, The Madison Courier

    • November 19, 2002.  The psychology club hosted students from Madison High School psychology classes.  Thanks to Thanks to Sarah Blythe, Ashley Boester, Katie Bottom, Sarah Davis, Brandi Reynolds, Maxx Somers, and Jessica Thornberry for their help.

    • November 15, 2002.  John Krantz gave a presentation to the Guild of Scholars of the Episcopal Church held in NYC.

  • October, 2002

    • October 19.  The Hanover College Board of Trustees Voted to Adopt the Academic Vision Plan.  Here is the Presidents Announcement.

    • October 10-13.  David Buck (04), Brandi Reynolds (03) and Megan Somers (03) all performed in the Hanover College Theatre performance of Godspell. 

    • David Buck, Noelle Liwski, Connie Wolfe, Max Somers, Katie Knight and Jennifer Crocker (U. Mich) have a poster accepted to be presented at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychologists, in L.A. (February , 2003).
      The title of the poster is
      The school competency contingency of worth as a mediator between performance-oriented achievement goals and performance outcomes.

  • September, 2002

    • Connie Wolfe, Psych Club PR Officer Brandi Reylonds and John Krantz have a letter to the editor published in this months APS Observer.  The letter deals with the utility of undergraduate laboratory courses.

    • Our own Connie Wolfe and students Katie Knight,  David Buck, Noelle Liwski, & Maxx Somers. have had a poster accepted to be presented at the 4th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychologists, in L.A. (February , 2003). The title of the poster is:
      Dispositional rumination as a mediator of the negative relationship between trait self-esteem and contingencies of worth dependent on external, interpersonal feedback.

    •  At the same conference, Sarah Blythe and Kati Knight have been accepted to present a poster on their research methods project (Yes, that is a research methods project.  It does happen).  The project is titled:
      The Effect of Pre-existing Affiliation on Ingroup Bias in a State of Heightened Competition

  • August, 2002

    • Aug 28, Skip Dine Young just received work that he has both become licensed as a clinical psychologist in psychology and been certified to as a Health Service Provider of Psychology (HSPP) in Indiana.  Congratulations, Skip!

    • The department would like to welcome Bob Bettler, Ph.D. to the department as a visiting assistant professor for 2002-2003.  Bob got is Ph.D. from the University of Louisville with an expertise in Social Psychology.

  • July, 2002

    • Congratulations Psych Majors.  14% of next years seniors and 20% of next years juniors were on the Dean's List.  Well done all!


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