Faces and Places of Psychology
Butler 2004


April 2, 2004
The psychology seniors present their senior projects at the
Butler Undergraduate Research Conference


Morning Breakfast and Dueling Cameras

Blair Terrell and Angie French

Getting ready for the day

Noelle and David listening attentively

Nathan, Jessica, Blake and Amy listening attentively

Jennifer McGuinness and Katie Fisher

Kristi Helmkamp and Angie Miller

Kristi and Angie showing the results of their participants creativity.

Between talks

Teela Myers and Julie Witherup

Kory Sims

Break time

Break time

Break time





Sara and Jennifer listening

Shoko Nakatsuji

Blake Bartling

Amanda Caddell and Kevin Utt

Danelle Pattison and Jessica Rouse

David Buck and Noelle Liwski

Jennifer Faulkner and Sara Harding

Jenny Drake and Sarah Kamplain

Break time

Nathan Moore and Jessica Rouse

Looking your best



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