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The Visual System: Color

  • Color Matching in a Monochromat.  Examine how color matching operates in a person with just one type of receptor, like us at night.  Do they really have color vision?
  • Color Matching in a Dichromat.  Now examine how color matching works when the person has two classes of receptors, like a red-green "color-blind" person.  Do they have color vision?
  • Trichromatic Theory.  How does the trichromatic theory work.
  • Color Aftereffects.  Experience color aftereffects, singly or in pairs.  You can pick the colors.
  • Color Vision Theory.  An interactive illustration of the operation of the interplay between the cones which are trichromatic and the color-opponent stages of the visual system.
    • Color Vision Theory and Aftereffects.  How does the combined trichromatic and color opponent theories explain color vision.  Change the adaptation and see how different a white stimulus appears to to the color vision theory interactive illustration used above.
  • Dichromacy.  Remove a cone and see what happens.

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