Neuroscience Animations

John H. Krantz, Hanover College,

Using the Media






Skin Senses

Statistical Concepts

Hanover College
Psychology Department


This is a collection of java animations for various biopsychology or neuroscience phenomena aimed at an undergraduate audience.  Explanatory text will be added as time permits (and there is never enough time).  Currently most of the animations are in the area of sensory physiology.  The index at the left will guide you to pages where the individual animations can be accessed.


NOTE: these apps are written in Java which does not work well on the web any more. There are work arounds, but they are difficult. I hope to move the activities to JavaScript, but that will take time. In several places, I link to a comparable activity that I have written that is in JavaScript, a site called Interactive Sensory Laboratory Eercises (ISLE), which does work find in all browsers I have tested (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edges, Safari, Opera, and several mobil browsers). These new apps are also viewable on 4K displays).


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