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Using the Media


There are three types of dynamic media that might require plugins to use.  Each type is described below with a link to were to get the plugin.

Media Type Description Where to find plugin
Java The vast majority of the media are written Sun Microsystem's Java 2 Language (Version 1.6.0).  This is a programming language that is largely platform independent (it runs on most systems nearly identically).  Many browsers and operating systems (such as Firefox and Apple) come with Java preinstalled.  However, particularly for Windows and Internet Explorer it may be necessary to install the Java plugin manually.  Check this page.  If the activity launches and creates a new window with a color wheel on it, you do not need to install Java. You can fine the Java Browser Plugin here
Flash A few activities us Adobe's (formerly Macromedia's) flash player.  Many browsers now come with this plugin.  You might not need to install it.  Check this activity.  If it works (you will see two people standing on a grid).  Then you need not need to install this plugin. You can get this player here.
Quicktime There are a few movies in Apple's Quicktime format.  Many computers come with it preinstalled.  Check this page.  If the movie runs you do not need to install Quicktime. You can get the player here.