Model of Retinal Ganglion Cells that Incorporates Eye Jitter



Receptive Field Behavior

1D Model

2D Model

Array of Receptive Fields

Visual Phenomena

Behavior of 2D Receptive Fields

The Herman Grid

Static Model

Eye Movements

Model Plus Eye Jitter

Data Analyses



Data Analyses

  • Correlations

  • Ran Model 4 Times

  • Correlated each output against each other

  • Allowed positions to shift to find max correlation because of the positional uncertainty associated with Jitter

Output Pair Correlation Relative Position (x,y)
A to B 0.92 0,0
A to C 0.92 -1,0
B to C 1.00 -1,0
A to D 0.92 0,-1
B to D 0.86 0,0
C to D 0.86 1,0

Correlation Pattern of A to B over all relative positions tested.