Psychology majors have the opportunity to participate in the Philadelphia Urban Semester sponsored by the Great Lakes Colleges Association. The program, generally conducted in the Fall Term of the student's junior year, involves an intensive internship experience in Philadelphia relevant to psychology, plus two or three courses. A full term of "Pass-Fail" credit (4 course units) can be earned. The program is designed to help students (a) develop a concept of the city as a system of human interaction; (b) to acquire a detailed understanding of an applied aspect of psychology as it relates to the dynamic organization of the city; and (c) to develop personal maturity, sophistication, and responsibility in an urban environment. The program is designed for junior majors, but other students will be considered if arrangements can be made. Applicants must have an overall grade point average of 2.5 or better. Applications for the program should be submitted by March 1 of the previous academic year. Further details can be obtained through the Internship Coordinator's Office in the Campus Center.

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