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The Facilities

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The offices, laboratories, and classrooms of the Department of Psychology are all located in Science Center. Rooms 158-161 are available for testing and research. There are 12 cubicles available for senior office spaces (Rooms 144 and 154) The neuropsychology, animal lab, and Sensation & Perception labs are located in the new wing of Science Center. The Cognitive and Statistics computer laboratory is available for computerized cognitive simulation, statistical analysis, and general computing needs for psychology students.  It is located in Room 148.

The department provides a wide range of psychological apparatus, ranging from conditioning equipment for animals to extensive biofeedback equipment. We have several pieces of equipment for generating stimuli (e.g., visual, auditory, cutaneous) and for recording responses (e.g., computerized cumulative recorders and reaction timers). The department also shares with the Physics Department a number of computers for use in visual sensation and perception research.

Data processing equipment is available including Apple II computers for laboratory simulations and Macintosh and IBM microcomputers for more complex statistical and experimental requirements. The MacIntosh computer laboratories in Hendricks Hall and the IBM laboratory in the Center for Fine Arts are available for word processing, statistical, graphic, and other computer needs.

The department also contains an extensive library of psychological tests. We have group and individual tests of aptitude, personality, psychological adjustment, interests motivation, attitude, etc. A complete list of these tests are available at this website.  Additionally, students may get help finding particular psychological tests for their research from any faculty member and/or by checking out the "Finding Psychological Measures" webpage.

The Department enjoys collegial relationships with a number of external agencies in the community which have graciously made their facilities available to us. The school systems in Hanover and Madison, Madison State Hospital, the LifeSpring Community Mental Health Center, the Special Services Unit (a special educational cooperative), and the Englishton Park Children's Center have all been most receptive to our students.

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