Because of the degree of commitment required by the major, psychology students usually are unable to major simultaneously in another field, but minors in another field are not absolutely prohibited. The following programs in combination with other departments are suggested to accommodate various interests and vocational decisions:

Psychology and social work or human relations.
The core curriculum, plus Counseling & Psychotherapy, Human Sexuality, Culture & Behavior, and sociology courses such as Social Theory, Minority Group Relations, Deviant Behavior, Crime & Corrections.

Psychology and human development.
The core curriculum, plus Cognitive Psychology, Human Sexuality, Culture & Behavior, and courses such as Foundations of Education, Marriage & The Family, and Genetics.

Psychology and business.
The core courses and as many courses as possible in accounting, marketing and management.

Psychology and law.
The core courses, plus Business Law, International Law, Legislative Process, Crime & Corrections, and other sociology and political science electives.

Psychology and special education.
The core courses, plus Cognitive Psychology, Learning Theory, Sensation & Perception, Foundations of Education, Introduction to Special Education, and other education courses.

Psychology and theology.
The core courses, plus Culture & Behavior, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Human Sexuality, Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Existential Theology, Theology & Personal Identity, and other theology courses.

These are merely suggestions. Students are encouraged to demonstrate creativity in designing their own curricular programs. It is usually suggested that Independent Study & Research be taken so that specialized interests can be accommodated and explored in depth.

Below are courses in other departments which, because of reasons stated, are especially relevant to a psychology major. This list of courses might come in handy when searching for elective courses.

Dept. No.    Name                   Comment             

Ant  112+    Intro to Anthropology  multicultural exposure

Bio  115+    Animal/Human Biology   pr for Psy 426

Bio  229     Animal Behavior        take as much Bio as possible

Bio  321     Animal Physiology       "   "   "    "   "   "

Bio  331     Genetics                "   "   "    "   "   "

Bus  220     Basic Law              pre-law

Bus  322     Principles of Managementmanagement

Bus  323     Marketing              advertising                   


Bus  333     Information Systems                      develop quantitative skills

Bus  422     Organizational Behaviormanagement

Com  327     Interpersonal Comm     more "social psychology"

Com  341     Mass Media & Society    "      "        "

CSc  157+    Computers in Society   take as much CSc as possible

CSc  341     Cognitive Science      more "cognitive psychology"

Edu  221+    Foundations            educational/school interests

Edu  341     Intro to Special Education

Eng  351     Non Fiction Workshopdevelop writing skills

His  331     Amer Const & Legal His Ipre-law

His  332      "      "   "  "     "  "

IS   457     Pre-Law Internship      "

Mat  147     Applied Statistics     pr for Psy 325

Mat  327     Probability and Statistics         "    "   "   "   "    "

Phi  232     Existentialism         raises psychological issues

Phi  321     Formal Logic    

Phi  333     Philosophy of Science  best philosophy course for Ph.D.

PlS  239     Research Methods       develop quantitative skills

PlS  323     U.S. Judicial Process  pre-law

PlS  331     International Law             "

Soc  111+    Society As It Is       take as much sociology as possible

Soc  320     Research Methods       survey methods

ThS  213     Existential Theology   overlap with psychology

ThS  334     Theology & Personal Identity"humanistic psychology" 

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