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PSY 337 Learning

Autumn 2017

Applied Journal Assignment

In this assignment you are to lead a discussion of a journal article that uses one or more of the topics from this class in a clinical applied setting, that is for a therapeutic purpose. You will get a chance to select an article from the list below (note the dates of presentation of each paper). In addition you will meet with me prior to your presentation to discuss the article and your presentation.


During the presentation you will be required to accomplish the following goals:

  • Present the therepeutic technique.
  • Relate the technique to the class material, e.g., describe what learning paradigm is invovled, explicitly and specifically. It would be a good idea to be able to reference pages in the text here.
  • Describe the research question of the study and its methods to test its research question.
  • If an experiment, identify the independent and dependent variables. If another type of method, describe variables and measures.
  • Present the results and conclusions.
  • Lead the class in a critique of the study, i.e, what are the strengths and limits of the study and are the conclusions supported.

These are the criteria I will evaluate your presentation and discussion leading on.



Articles (the presentation will be on the Friday of the week indicated).
Article Citation Week
Bouton, M. E. (1988). Context and ambiguity in the extinction of emotional learning: Implications for exposure therapy. Behaviour research and therapy, 26(2), 137-149. Week 5
Craske, M. G., Kircanski, K., Zelikowsky, M., Mystkowski, J., Chowdhury, N., & Baker, A. (2008). Optimizing inhibitory learning during exposure therapy. Behaviour research and therapy, 46(1), 5-27. Week 5
McConaghy, N., Armstrong, M. S., Blaszczynski, A., & Allcock, C. (1983). Controlled comparison of aversive therapy and imaginal desensitization in compulsive gambling. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 142(4), 366-372. Week 9
McGuire, R. J., & Vallance, M. (1964). Aversion therapy by electric shock: A simple technique. In Conditioning techniques in clinical practice and research (pp. 178-185). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Week 9
Wolpe, J. (1961). The systematic desensitization treatment of neuroses. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 132(3), 189-203. Week 10
Goldfried, M. R. (1971). Systematic desensitization as training in self-control. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 37(2), 228. Week 10
Davison, G. C. (1968). Systematic desensitization as a counterconditioning process. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 73(2), 91. Week 10
Rawson, H. E. (1973). Residential Short-Term Camping for Children With Behavior Problems: A Behavior Modification Approach. Child welfare, 52(8), 511-520. Week 11
Atthowe Jr, J. M., & Krasner, L. (1968). Preliminary report on the application of contingent reinforcement procedures (token economy) on a" chronic" psychiatric ward. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 73(1), 37. Week 11
Butler, A. C., Chapman, J. E., Forman, E. M., & Beck, A. T. (2006). The empirical status of cognitive-behavioral therapy: a review of meta-analyses. Clinical psychology review, 26(1), 17-31. Week 13