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Whole Site

Here is a small set of experiments designed for my cognitive psychology class.  There are many sets of cognitive psychology experiment available.  What is unique about these is the combination of their being web deliverable and that the parameters of the experiment can be adjusted by you.  I will add instructions pages when I get. 

If you have any suggestions for variables that you would like me to add to my experiment, please email me.  If I add your suggested variable, I will acknowledge you on the instruction page for the experiment.

Attentional Blink
Dual Task
Working Memory
Memory Span
Partial Report
Long-Term Memory
DRM False Memory
DRM False Memory 2
Serial Position Effect
Mental Imagery
Mental Rotation
Poggendorff Illusion
Language & Motor
Lexical Decision
Mirror Tracing
Central Limit Theorem
Statistical Decision Making

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Hanover College
Psychology Department


Listed below are experiments that explore different features of attention.

Attentional Blink: Watch a string of letters and determine if targets have been presented. What happens to your ability to detect one stimulus right after detecting another stimulus.

Stroop Experiment: The classic Stroop task where the word and color of the word do not match. You have to try to name the color.

Working Memory

Listed below are experiments that explore different features of working memory.

Memory Span Experiment: A simple experiment that allows you to explore the limits of working memory with regard to semantic and relate materials.

Brown-Peterson Experiment: A replication of the classic experiment by Brown (1958) and Peterson and Peterson (1959).

Partial Report Experiment: A replication of the classic partial report paradigm created by George Sperling.

Long-Term Memory

Listed below are experiments that explore long-term memory.

DRM False Memory: an experiment that explores the Deese–Roediger–McDermott paradigm for creating false memories.

Serial Position Effect: use this experiment to explore the classic serial position effect.

Mental Imagery

Listed below are experiments that explore mental imagery.

Mental Rotation: A replication of the classic mental rotation experiment by Cooper, Metzler, and Shepherd.


Listed below are experiments that explore perception.

Lexical Decision Making: Explore perception.


Listed below are experiments that explore language.

Lexical Decision Making: Explore features of language using Lexical decision making.

Mirror Tracing: Explore a classic task were you have to trace a figure but when you move right your drawing goes left. A digital version of the this task most interestingly used with HM.


Listed below are experiments that explore statistics and statistical decition making.

Central Limit Theorem: Explore one of the central ideas of statistics.
Statistical Decision Making: Explore the underlying logic of statistical decision making.