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Instructor: John H. Krantz Office: Science Center 151
Texts: Sensation and Perception
by Schwartz & Krantz (Draft).  Other materials provided.
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Assigned Chapters from:
 Sensation and Perception
Bennett Schwartz & John H. Krantz

Interactive Sensory Laboratory Exercises(ISLE)

Experiencing Sensation and Perception Text Media
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Chapter 1: What is Perception

Chapter 2: Research Methodology

Chapter 3: Visual System: The Eye

Chapter 4: Visual System: The Brain

Chapter 5: Object Perception

Chapter 6: Color Perception

Chapter 7: Depth and Size Perception

Chapter 8: Movement and Action

Chapter 9: What is Attention?

ESP Chapter 9: Constancy and Illusion

Chapter 10: The Auditory System

Chapter 11: Speech Perception

Chapter 12: Music Perception

Chapter 13: Touch and Pain

Chapter 14: Olfaction and Taste

Chapter 15: Sensory Systems in Animals

ESP Chapter 15: Perceptual Development

ESP Appendix: Basics of the Nervous System



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