Model of Retinal Ganglion Cells that Incorporates Eye Jitter



Receptive Field Behavior

1D Model

2D Model

Array of Receptive Fields

Visual Phenomena

Behavior of 2D Receptive Fields

The Herman Grid

Static Model

Eye Movements

Model Plus Eye Jitter

Data Analyses




  1. Introduction
  2. Psychophysics
  3. The Stimulus and Anatomy of the Visual System
  4. Fundamental Limits of Vision
  5. Form and Contour
  6. Color
  7. Motion
  8. The Third Dimension
  9. Constancy and Illusions
  10. Fundamentals of Audition
  11. Complex Auditory Phenomena
  12. Skin Senses
  13. Chemical Senses
  14. Sensory Interaction
  15. Perceptual Development