Informed Consent

This research is being conducted by Gabrielle Campbell and Makenzie Wendel, senior Psychology students in the Advanced Research (PSY 401) course at Hanover College. Participants in this study will be exposed to the concept of doublespeak (words that have double meanings).

Disclaimer: The researchers do not necessarily agree with any of the statements used as doublespeak examples in this study; they are used solely for experimental purposes.

Once you have finished the questionnaire, you will be instructed to answer a few demographic questions. Once you have completed all questions, the study will be explained in more detail.

            The entire experiment will not take more than 30 minutes. There are no known risks involved in being in this study, beyond those of everyday life. The information you provide during this experiment is completely anonymous; at no time will your name be associated with the responses you give. If you have any questions about what you will be doing in the study or about the study itself, please reach out to the researchers or at any time during or after your participation.

             If you have any questions now or after the study, please contact:

  For questions about the research itself, you may contact the researchers directly:

Gabrielle Campbell at & Makenzie Wendel at

  For questions about your rights as a participant in this research, you may contact the faculty member supervising the research, Dr. Stephen Dine Young at

             Participation in this study is voluntary. Refusing to participate or ceasing to participate at any time will involve no penalty. Incomplete participation may not result in credit for participating. For example, incomplete participation may look like not completing all twelve survey questions or leaving some answers blank. Additionally, participants may consult their advisors/instructors about credit for participating if these requirements are not met. You may print this informed consent directly from the webpage. If you choose to continue with this study, you are consenting to participate.

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