I. Introduction

  1. Thesis: The visual system has evolved to solve a specific problem
  2. Problem: Convey to brain, in a manner the brain can use, the nature of the world as revealed by light.

  1. The way the visual system works depends upon how this problem is solved and the constraints of the system
    1. i.e., different animals have very different visual experiences, depending upon their needs
    2. e.g. cat and frogs
  2. Imaging systems have a similar problem to solve
    1. Imaging systems include the image capture device, e.g., the camera below, and the image display, e.g., the monitor, and all of the associated hardware
    2. The issues of imaging systems include both the constraints imposed by the world, the hardware,  and the visual system
    3. Sometimes it is impossible to meet all of these constraints simultaneously
    4. This is one source of artifacts