III. Devices: A. Sampling

  1. Sampling

    1. Luminance

      1. Contrast ratio of about 30 : 1 (white to black)

      2. Other colors have a smaller contrast ratio

        1. Most monitors use additive color mixing so white is sum of three primaries

      3. Most primaries have 8 bits color on each primary (some have 12 bits)

      4. Luminance is not linearly related to bit value: Gamma

    2. Spatial

      1. Field of view

        1. Unlike the eye, imaging systems cannot limit high resolution areas to part of the field.

        2. All the area must be at maximum resolution so that we can move our eyes and examine all of the scene with high resolution

        3. This greatly increases the bandwidth of imaging systems or reduces the field of view

        4. Laryngeal imaging systems tend to have small fields of view also because of the area being examined

    3. Chromatic

    4. Temporal

      1. Can affect direction of perceived movement