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Advanced Training Institutes in  Psychology Experiments via the WWW

Sessions by John H. Krantz, Hanover College

My new survey building tool, SurveyBuildR.

First APA Group, July 2005

Sessions PowerPoint Slides

Third NSF Group, July 2003

Session's PowerPoint Slides

Second NSF Group, Aug 2002

Session's PowerPoint Slides

First NSF Group Jan, 2002

For my PowerPoint presentations, they are in two formats: an in browser format where not all of the functionality is present but should download faster, or the raw PowerPoint versions (.ppt below) with all of the functionality but slower to download.  Take you choice and take your chances.

Sessions on Stimuli:

The Web vs. The Lab: in browser, .ppt

Here are my contributions to the picture pool.

Here is a slideshow based on the pictures.

Here are some videos of the conference.

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