Vision and Art

I am developing a tutorial at this site to demonstrate how visual information is used in art. Some of the factors that I hope to illustrate are aspects of depth perception, color perception, and form perception. The inline image above is a detail the moebius constructed with birds by M.C. Escher. This image nicely illustrates how an artist can play with figure-ground relationships.

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I would like to thank Nicolas Pioch for his excellent work on Le WEBLouvre where many of these images have been maintained. In addition to providing an excellent collection of art images that I have used extensively, he has been very helpful in tracking down specific pieces and genres to help illustrate certain points that I have discussed in these pages. I also wish to thank Efthimios Mavrogeorgiadis and Dave Vezie for their development of the Orthodox page with its collection of icons that I used for the section on how icons represent depth. Lastly, but in no way the least, I wish to acknowledge Margaret Krantz for her invaluable help as proofreader, editor, and critic of the efforts here.

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October, 1997

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