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Instructions for the Shape Response Experiment


When you click on the link below, you will be presented with the experiment setup screen.  On this screen will be the variables you can set to define your condition.  Here is a list of the variables and their settings

Variable Settings
Number of Trials The number of trials in the experiment.  From 10 to 200, given the number of conditions this experiment racks up, the more trials the better.
Shapes to Use The shapes that can be presented.  Click the check boxes to have that color in your experiment.  Need at least 3.
Colors to Use The colors that the shapes can be drawn in.  Click on the check boxes to have the colors in your experiment.
Distance from Center The proportional distance the objects will be from the center of the screen.
Relative shape sizes The size of the shape compared to the half of the width of the screen.
Delay before stimuli How long in milliseconds the fixation mark is on before the stimuli are presented on each trial.

After you have finished making your settings, press the Done button at the bottom of the screen.  The experimental screen will then be presented.  Press the button at the top of the page or the space bar to begin the experiment.  First a fixation mark in the middle of the screen will be presented.  It will be removed and two shapes will be presented, respond to indicate which shapes have been presented.  You should respond to both but the order does not matter.  You may make your response in two ways:

  1. press the relevant button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. press the letter at the end of the shape name on the button to indicate what shapes you have seen.

After you have make your selections, press the space bar again to go onto the next trial.

At the end of the experiment, your results will be presented.  The results will be in a table with the colors of the stimuli listed across the top and the shapes listed down the side.  Each cell of the table will list the results for each combination of shape and color.  What results are presented will be indicated on the results screen.  You can also get your trial by trial results. 

Click here to start the experiment.



  • This experiment was design to fit the needs of Kristen Brookes, Meredith Elliott & Sarah Pasquale