A Psychology Student Handbook

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Greetings from the Department of Psychology:

The fact that you are reading this Handbook indicates that you have a genuine interest in psychology. Psychology is generally defined as the scientific study of individuals' behavior in an attempt to understand and control it. The answer to the question "Is psychology a science or a profession?" is "Yes!" Psychology at the same time is a procedure of inquiry, a corpus of knowledge, and techniques for applying this knowledge for the improvement of performance and the relief of human misery. We applaud your interest in pursuing studies in the Department of Psychology at Hanover College. You are on the threshold of an exciting and fulfilling experience. But, in all likelihood, you have a lot of questions about psychology, the department, the nature and benefits of a major, and so on. Hopefully, A Psychology Student Handbook will answer many of them. We extend a sincere invitation to you to visit with each of us to discuss issues in psychology or, for that matter, anything else you might wish to initiate. We are looking forward to working with you.

John H. Krantz, Ph.D.               Nancy A. Hanna, Ph.D..

Associate Professor                   Assistant Professor

Phone: 866-7307                     Phone: 866-7317


Carolyn L. Lee, Ph.D.                Roger L. Terry, Ph.D.

Associate Professorr                  Professor

Phone: 866-7319                       Phone: 866-7316

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