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Faces and Places of Psychology

Senior Seminar




2002 Senior Thesis Presentations at the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference




Travis.jpg (749919 bytes)  Thea.jpg (712402 bytes)

Travis Morris, Tracy Krebs & Sarah Opichka, Thea Vance 


Erin.jpg (732461 bytes)

Erin Brock , Heather Buford, Katie Spaeth (mid-blink, sorry Katie)




Jim Erikson  (pictured with Angela Bornstein) displays a strong sense of priorities when choosing between his senior thesis presentation and his Cognitive class Poster.




Check out his Table. Jim's defense: "Hey, I'm all about the data. As a serious researcher, I don't have time for aesthetics."


We are very proud of ALL of our seniors!


(Strike a pose reflecting your true inner state of being... )


        Pre-Butler Seniors hard at work!

Jen Crum, Meghan Tweed, and Katie Spaeth


Tracy Krebs

Want to read abstracts/see PowerPoint slide shows for the senior theses? Use links below:

Senior Thesis Abstracts and Butler PowerPoint from 2002

Senior Thesis Abstracts and Butler PowerPoint from 2001

Butler PowerPoint Presentations from 2000

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