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 Faces and Places of Psychology



Winter 2002 Research Methods Class Presentation and Poster Session


Research Methods Classes Winter 02 Presentations


W02RMPres2.jpg (640265 bytes)W02RMPres1.jpg (613640 bytes)

Students presented their semester group projects.

W02RMPoster1.jpg (628944 bytes)W02Poster4.jpg (295090 bytes)W02RMPoster2.jpg (645713 bytes)

After presentations, there was a poster session.


Winter '02 Poster Presenters

Allison Rainey, Teela Myers, Adam Bowman:  "Does Music Get You in the Mood?"


Jessica Heun, Sara Harding, Amy Till:  "Contingency of Worth and Mate Preferences"

Kimberly Ault, Matt Levell, Danelle Pattison:   "Food as a Context cue in Memory"


Derek Oswalt, Kristin Kramer, Julie Witherup:  "Do Members of Dating Couples Really Look Like Each Other?"


David Buck, Noelle Liwski, Travis Rieder:  "Intellectual Competency as a Contingency of Worth"


Maggie Tate, Angie Miller, Jaime Hamm: "Self-esteem and Body Image"


Katie Fisher, Sarah Kamplain, Mike Wolfe:  "Opposite Sex and Same Sex Friendships"


Kory Sims, Kristi Helmkamp, Amy Scholz: "Heterogeneous and Homogenous Groups"

Sarah McCoy, Jessica Rouse, Jeremy Vokurka

"Greek Affiliation and Contingency of Worth"




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