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  Faces and Places of Psychology
Sensation and Perception in Optics

Class Presentations

Kate Thornton make a point about her study with Kim Ault and Sarah Davis, both standing to the right

Jerry Johnson discusses the stimuli used in his study with Sarah Blythe, seated, and Heather Buford, off the image
Inverted Prisms

Sarah Blythe and Jessica Thornberry try to walk.  Kate Thornton enjoys the show.

Kim Ault, Kate Thornton, Sarah Davis, Tracy Krebs and Sarah Opichka get their turn.

Heather Buford, Sarah Blythe, Brandi Reynolds and Jessica Thornton try to navigate.

Upside down eyes on Sara Davis
Skin Senses Lab

Kim Ault, Brandi Reynolds, and Kate Thornton testing pressure sensitivity

P9270015.JPG (616070 bytes)
Jessica Thornberry, Sarah Opichka, Tracy Krebs, Ashley Boester

Heater Buford, Sarah Opichka, Tracy Krebs, Sara Blythe testing temperature sensitivity

P9270009.JPG (642810 bytes)
Heather Buford, Sarah Davis, Brandi Reynolds, Kate Thornton



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