PSY 401  Project Proposal & Research Journal  (REVISED)

Due:  Day of Final Exam, by 5pm

Turn in TWO COPIES to your project advisor



 – Please turn in TWO copies of your completed project proposal


Your project proposal should be written as an APA style paper with the following sections:

1.  Title page

2.  Introduction which clearly reviews relevant literature and presents a logical “story” or “argument” leading up to your hypothesis(es).

3.  Method section with enough detail that another researcher could replicate and/or evaluate your work.

4.  Proposed analyses – You need to consider how you will analyze your data and provide a brief paragraph or two indicating your analysis plan and predicted outcomes.  For example, you need to think through what statistics tests(if any)  are is appropriate (e.g., ANOVA,t-test, correlation, regression, etc.) and indicate what your factors will be and what your outcome variables or DVs will be.  Also indicate, then, what statistical results you expect given your hypotheses. Your advisor can help you with this section.

5.  References page.

6.  Appendices of scales, coding schemes, scripts, or other stimulus materials you will be using. Photocopies are fine at this stage. Please refer to these appendices in the text of your paper (in appropriate spots).


Timeline (current dates are tentative)

 Also include a detailed timeline with dates indicating when you will collect data, analyze it, and time for the write-up.  Include the following deadlines in your planning:


February 9

You must have an abstract of your paper (projected results are fine if the actual results aren’t ready) turned in to your advisor by 2/9.  These abstracts are due for entry to the Butler conference no later than 2/23.

Weeks of  March 18th – April 5th

Plan on having your data analyzed close to the first of these dates. Be ready to present a 10 minute practice talk for the Butler conference on your entire project (intro, methods, results and discussion). 

April 5

Plan on having a rough draft of your paper (i.e., a revised (if needed) intro & method, and a results and discussion section) ready for peer review. 

April 12

The actual Butler conference is 4/12 so you’ll need to have the revisions from your practice talk finished and be prepared to answer questions about your research by then. NOTE: This is the last day of Winter term classes – you will need to miss that last day.

April 15

Your completed written project is due in to your advisor.


Other details:

·APA style guides are available at the reserve desk in the library under both John’s name.  There may be copies available for circulation as well.

·Don’t hesitate to show your advisor a draft of your work before turning it in for a grade. 

·If you are unclear how to write any of the above, see your advisor or an APA manual for more information. Additionally, John has detailed handouts on writing an Introduction and Method (as well as general writing tips) available if you would like a copy.



Please turn in one copy of your research journal to your project advisor by 5pm, Dec. 11.