Class 1

I.                   Overview of Philosophical Issues

A.   Roll Call/Drop-Add

B.    Syllabus: 

1.                 Organization of syllabus

2.                 Office Hours: M, F: 10:00 am; W: 3:00 pm; R: 9:00 am

3.                 Objectives

4.                 Expectations

5.                 Schedule

6.                 Assignments

a)                 Exams: 3

b)                Laboratory assignment will depend upon lab

i)    Download the sheep brain dissection guide before your lab session

7.                 Research Participation

8.        Grading and Policies

C.   Issues you have with the course

D.   What is Neuropsychology?

1.                 The study of brain-behavior relationships

2.                 So we need to know about the brain

3.                 Other Features of the Definition

  E.  Assignment for Wednesday

   1.        Find the book's idea about the importance of the theory of evolution to physiological psychology.

   2.        Find evidence as well. We will discuss in class.