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  •  Vote for your favorite movie in the Science Center/Goodrich Lounge to be shown on Dead Week.

  • We hosted student from Madison High School.  Check out the pictures.  Thanks to Sarah Blythe, Ashley Boester, Katie Bottom, Sarah Davis, Brandi Reynolds, Maxx Somers, and Jessica Thornberry for their help.

  •  Congratulations to the 2002-2003 Psychology Club Officers:  President - Maxx Somers; Vice-President - Julie Witherup; PR/Historian - Brandi Reynolds; Treasurer - Valerie Horobik; Secretary - Jessica Thornberry. Click here for photos.

More news: 


* Heather Buford '02 has received a position with Teach for America!  She will be teaching special education students at schools in St. Louis for the next two years!  It was a grueling application process, but well worth it! 

* Erin Brock '02 is also in St. Louis making the world a better place! Erin is working with Americorps.  Keep in touch!

* David Buck is serving as the 2002 Summer Research Associate for the Psychology Dept. David will be working with Connie, Skip & John on their research as well as developing his own research.  Congratulations David!  

* Sarah Blythe was awarded a prestigious "REU" internship at University of Illinois-Chicago for the 2002 summer months.  The position is in neuroscience and animal behavior.  She applied to this internship through the NSF-REU Program.  See the Summer Research/Funding website for tips on researching internships for yourself!  Congratulations Sarah!

* Brandi Reynolds, Johnny Tock and Kirsten Li will be working this summer at Englishton Park as teacher/therapists. Many Hanover psych students have worked at Englishton in the past (and received internship credits).  Feel free to talk with Brandi, Johnny or Kirsten about the park & job opportunities.

* Amy Kerr will be doing research over the summer with Dr. Barbara Burns in the Dept. of Psychology & Brain Sciences at the University of Louisville! They will be working on a study exploring attention in children who were born prematurely.  Congratulations Amy!

* Kati Knight was awarded a prestigious internship at Oklahoma State University for the summer! She will be working on contingencies of self-esteem and self-discrepancy research.  She applied to this internship through the NSF-REU Program.  See the Summer Research/Funding website for tips on researching internships for yourself!  Congratulations Kati!

Humor Break



When I Knew There Was No Turning Back From Being a Psych Major

            -by Kati Knight and other contributors


1.  I had a dream about SPSS….  and it wasn’t a nightmare. 

2.  I adopted stereotype threat as a self-handicapping strategy. 

3.  I can accurately tell you if I am a high or low self-monitor. 

4.  I began doing psychological assessments (in my head) on everyone from my family to news anchor people. 

5.  I caught myself reading a psych periodical in the library….  on a Saturday…. for fun. 

6.  PSYCHINFO became a fun place to waste time on the internet. 

7.  I refer to renowned psychologists by their first names….  like I know them. 

8.  Phrases like “self-objectification,” “psychosomatic symptoms,” and “blood-brain barrier” enter casual conversations. 

9.  You start making sexual jokes using names of parts of the brain. 

10.  You verbally abuse the sheep brain you are dissecting… then hope you haven’t harmed its self-esteem. 

11.  You know the best method of disposing of rat poop. 

12.  I began to use similes like, “He just kept trying like a rat in a Skinner box” on a regular basis. 

13.  I caught myself explaining the operant conditioning reinforcement schedules used in slot machines.

14.  When my friends were exclaiming, “I can’t believe that many people do that!” over the annual Cosmo sex survey, I found myself responding, “But think of the sampling error and self-selection bias involved!”


Have a contribution to add to the list?  Or something you'd like to post at "Humor Break?"  

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Stay tuned for another opportunity to ORDER A PSYCHOLOGY T-SHIRT early in Fall 2002!  

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Top Ten Things Heard Around the Psych Dept.


1) “Why is it cupid? Why not a leprechaun with a shovel?” ~ Skip & the symbolic nature of Valentine’s Day 

2) “We’re not Bobo dolls!”  ~ John on the virtue of balance 

3) “Does that count as reinforcement?” ~ neuropsych  student inquires after observing her rat lick its own poo. 

4) “I’m not a baby…I’m not going to use my mouth as a means of exploration.” ~ One of John’s infamous S&P lectures 

5) “Despite my referring to the DSM as the Bible, it really isn’t.” ~ Skip, the clinical psychologist 

6) “Humor is a funny thing.” ~ Skip, the philosopher 

7) “That’s the best wrong answer you could have chosen.” ~ Skip, the optimist  

8) “So, we want a big F’ing value for the F.”  ~ Research Methods student coming to grips with ANOVA  

9) “2nd Law of Thermodynamics – Everything is going to hell in a handbasket” ~ The reason why John should have pursued a degree in physics 

10) “Well, you shouldn’t think of it this way because the behaviorists are WRONG!”  ~ Skip conditioning the Personality Theory class 


T-shirt is:  50-50 cotton/polyester, short sleeve, Darker gray with navy blue lettering.  Decent quality while still being lightweight for summer months. 

Design as indicated above. Cost:  $10 even (no tax, etc.)


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