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Software Resources on the Internet

There is also a local software archive with Windows/DOS software. If you wish to contribute to the archive please contact me and I can arrange it. In addition to the local archives there is

  • Catalyst a site that does not just have software but lots of information and articles about the use of computers many areas of psychology including teaching, therapy, and human-computer interaction
  • Computerized Cognition Laboratory integrate the teaching of cognitive psychology and research methods.
  • Computers in Mental Health Pages with information on software and some downloadable links.
  • Empirisoft. This company produces MediaLab and DirectRT experiment generators as well as high precision response hardware.
  • Human Development Counseling.  Shareware for psychological research, education and human resources
  • Life Science Associates Software Publishers Since 1981
  • ltsn Psychology. ltsn stands for Learning and Teaching Support Network. This location has descriptions of over 700 software items, software reviews, abstracts from the Computers in Psychology (CIP) conference and links to software collections that can be downloaded. All information is focused on psychology.  Formerly the CTI psychology site.
  • Macintosh Software for Demonstrating Complex Adaptive Systems by Robert Goldstone.  These are free programs that allow students to use complex adaptive systems in a number of situations.  He only requests an email from you indicating that you are using them and how. 
  • The MacPsych archive at St. Olaf with a fairly extensive collection of Mac software relevant to psychologists.
  • Mangold International.  Various solutions for Observation Labs and Software for Qualitative and Quantitative analysis in Psychological studies.
  • The Microsociology Gallery. A set of hypercard applications for social psychology and sociology.
  • Millisecond Software This company produces Inquisit, and experiment generator.
  • Noldus Information Technology This company has several labrortory related packages.
  • ProtoGenie. ProtoGenie is a web based authoring toolkit for scientists and researchers for the design and execution of research protocols online.
  • PsyBox.  Psychologically Oriented Website creation, hosting, and software creation.  In addition, they host the largest Psychological dictionary online. 
  • Psych Fusion develops professional psychology software programs based on your experiment specifications.
  • Psychology-Software.com.  Develops computerized psychology experiments for students.
  • Psychology Software, Inc. Publishers of Levy & Ransdell's Laboratory in Cognition & Perception v3 (Windows), Psychology 2000, and Manuscript Mentor (This last one is free).
  • Psychology Software Tools Maker of MEL.
  • Psych Software Free. This site as some computerize psychiatric dictionaries that can be downloaded.
  • PsycLink. This is an extensive list of psychology related software and with many links to other sites with software. Most of it is for the PC environment, but many of the links are to Mac and other platform sites.
  • Psyscope A collection of psychology software for the Mac platform.
  • Sequence Analysis of Interaction Sequences from Roger Bakeman and Vicenc Quera
  • ScaleTrans. A Windows application for the comfortable transformation of psychodiagnostic scale values.
  • SciencePlus. An extensive database of information on software for psychology. The database is searchable and it has links to where the software can be obtained.
  • Stimscope A freeware experiment packager.
  • Tornado Labs.  Maker of Sens and experiment generator for the Windows platform.