Motion Parallax

Motion parallax is a depth cue that results from our motion.  As we move, objects that are closer to us move farther across our field of view than do objects that are in the distance.  The animation below attempts to demonstrate how motion parallax works for driving along the road.  Click on play and see if the depth in the image does not seem greater than when the animation is stopped.  You can stop the animation at any time by clicking on the stop button.

To help me improve this page and its animation, please fill out the following form.  No personal information will be kept.  I will post the average results as I collect them on a link from this page.  Thank you.

John H. Krantz, Ph.D.
Hanover College

Response Form

Use the scale along side of the image as a sort of standard guide.

I would like you to rate the apparent distance from the edge of the road to the trees that are at the top.

What is this distance when the image is still:

What is this distance when the image is moving: