Electronic Journals and Periodicals

It is hoped to maintain a relatively complete index of psychologically related electronic journals, conference proceedings, and other periodicals in this document. If you know of any electronic journals that are not on this list do not hesitated to contact me at krantzj@hanover.edu.

Journal Alerting

Opal: Online Psychology ALerting.  A free email service for getting alerts about upcoming journal table of contents and books in areas you select.

Google Scholar

Web Research Resources

If you are interested in Web Research you might be interested in:

Ulf-Dietrich Reips & Michael Bosnjak (eds.).  (2001).  Dimensions of Internet Science. Lengerich:  Pabst.  A book that reviews current research and issues of web research.

M. H. Birnbaum (ed.). (2000).  Psychological experiments on the internet (pp. 35-60).  New York: Academic Press.  This is a web page associated with this book.  There are many links to sites giving tutorials on and illustrating many web techniques.

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Current List:

At present we have links to the following electronic journals and periodicals in this document:

Online Bibliographies

  • Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography: Online Edition This is the online, searchable edition of the most complete source for references to current literature related to the growth and development of children. Sponsored by Society for Research in Child Development
  • CAIRSS for Music This is a search engine for articles in the area of research on music, particularly the psychology of music.
  • Chinese Psychological Studies a compilation by John A. Spinks and David Y. F. Ho (1995).
  • The Drug Discrimination Bibliography. by Dr. Ian P. Stolerman. This is a searchable and downloadable bibliography.
  • Hong Kong Psychological Studies a compilation by John A. Spinks and David Y. F. Ho (1995).
  • Medscape. This is a general resource of medical information that requires a free registration to access most features. From here you can do an abstract search of MEDLINE, the National Library of Medicine's Journal archive developed under the National Institute of Health.
  • PubMed.  An abstract search with some full-text articles available from the National Library of Medicine (look under PubMed Central for the full text articles). 
  • Regard.  A searchable bibliographic database containing in-depth information on UK social science research. It is wholly funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).


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