Neuroscience Animations

John H. Krantz, Hanover College,

Using the Media






Skin Senses

Statistical Concepts

Hanover College
Psychology Department


  • The Sound Stimulus
    • Sound Basics.  Illustration of the sound stimulus.  Explore the effects of intensity and frequency on your perception of the sound and the various features of a sound wave, e.g, compression, rarefaction and phase.
  • Reception and Transduction
    • The Middle Ear.  See the working of the ossicles of the middle ear and how their motions depend upon the frequency of the sound.
    • The Cochlea.  An illustration of the function of the inner ear in response to sound stimuli.
    • The Ear.  Observe the transmission of the sound stimulus through the ear.
    • The Hair Cell and Transduction.  Observe how the sound stimulus affects the hair cell to cause transduction.

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