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John H. Krantz, Hanover College,

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Hanover College
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Audition: Advanced Topics

  • Auditory Localization
    • The Head in Sound Space.  Illustration of how sound the travelling of sound to the two ears can play a role in determining direction.
    • Time of Arrival and Phase.  Use headphones to experience how the time of arrival or difference in phase between the two ears can be an a cue to the direction of the sound.
    • Relative Loudness.  Use headphones to illustrate to how the relative intensity of sounds in the two ears can influence the perception of direction of a sound.
  • Illusions
    • Shepherd Scale Illusion.  Just as a staircase can be drawn that always appears to ascend and repeat itself, so Roger Shepherd devised a set of tones that can be played in a scale that repeats itself.  Each tone appears to be the next higher note in the scale and yet the scale repeats.  Try it out here.

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