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Statistical Concepts

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Statistical Decision Making

  • Sampling Distributions  Sampling Distributions refer to the likelihood of getting some value for a particular statistic taken off of a sample, say the mean or standard deviation.  This applet allows you to see sampling distributions for the mean, standard deviation and variance for samples of several sizes.  (Straight to applet)
  • Central Limit Theorem  The Central Limit Theory allows us to understand certain properties of means in samples.  This theorem is central to many inferential statistical tests such as the t-test.  This applet illustrates this theory by allow you to see what happens in a sample of different sizes when you dramatically change the distribution of the population and the sample size.  (Straight to applet)
  • Statistical Decision Making  Inferential statistics are guides to decision making about whether something other than randomness is going on in data collected in a study.  This applet will allow you to play with features of statistical decision making. (Straight to applet)
  • Statistical Distributions  This applet will allow you to examine the sampling distributions for several statistics in one applet.  (Straight to applet)


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