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Version 0.0.9

In this version there are three changes:

  1. You can save a CSV file with the variable names that can become the header for your data file. If you use it as an application it is save with the pattern shortTitle.csv where shortTitle refers to the short title you give at the beginning of the survey. This is the file name the data collection cgi routine looks for. If you use the Select menu, just save it to that same file name.
  2. The bug about the file opening that caused it to ask for the file name twice has been fixed.
  3. The file and select menus have been reorganized to better match standard practice.

Versoin 0.0.8

In this version, several changes have been made.

  1. The most significant change is the ability to create mutiple page surveys. Using php, variables are passed to page to page and then gathered on the last page of the survey to post to the data collection survey. This feature requires that your server run php, but most do. Also, at present this feature is only possible to be able to be used when run as an applications. The applet version still can only do one page at a time.
  2. The insert function has been fixed. Now when you click on an item, all new items will be put in front of the highlighted item. Several other bug fixes relative to the editing have been smoothed out.

Version 0.0.7

In this version a complete survey editing facility has been added.  You can now edit items by selecting an time (a single click) and using the edit option in the edit menu or by double-clicking the item.  You can also copy, cut, paste and delete items from any point in the survey.  It is also possible to add a new item at any location.  It is a bit awkward at the moment.  Either copy the same time of item from another location and paste it to the desired location and then edit it or create the item at the end and then cut and paste it to the desired location.  I hope to smooth that out someday.


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