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Java Documentation


Download the SurveyBuildR.jar file.  Make sure you download it as a .jar file.  Internet Explorer for some reason wants to save it as a .zip file.  They you will not be able to run this application. If you have java installed, which you need to run the applet, just click on the file to start it.

Here is a Windows package.  Unzip the folder into any convenient document directory.  In the folder is a shortcut that can be dragged to the desktop or other place to use.

All of the operations of the program are the same as for the applet, except for the addition of a file menu.  It has the following options.

  • Save Survey.  This option saves the survey as a .html file ready to use.

  • Save Build File.  This option saves the survey build file that allows you to reload your survey.

  • Open Build File.  Allows you to open a survey build file so you can begin adding new survey items from the point you left off.

  • Each of these functions have shortcut keys that can be used for quick access to these commands.  the shortcuts are indicated on the menu.

Preview works and you do not have to be online to use SurveyBuildR as an application.  It will store your preview file as "survey.html" in the same directory that you save SurveyBuildR.  Each time you preview the file, it recreates the file so do not build up files.  However, if you wish to preview a visual analog scale item, you will need to download the VAS files to the SurveyBuildR directory.  Follow these directions.