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The Question Type menu allows you to enter a new question into your survey.  The following question types are currently possible:

  • Likert: a standard Likert type question using radio buttons with two anchors, one at each end.
  • Radio Button: a radio button where only one option may be selected and labels may be attached to each button.
  • Check Boxes: a question where more than one option may be selected.  Each option shows up as a separate variable in the output.
  • Drop Down Menu: like radio buttons but using a menu.
  • Short Text: a single text line where you can limit the number of characters that can be entered.  useful for getting ages where you know the possible range of values.
  • Long Text: a text box where an unlimited amount of text can be entered.  The boxes will scroll if more text than the box can hold is entered.
  • Visual Analog Scale:  arranged like a Likert question but with a line connecting the anchors.  The participant clicks on the line, feedback is given and the location where clicked is returned.  (set VAS Instructions for more information on this option).

Once an item has been entered the first time, it retains all of the settings but the descriptive text as in many surveys, the settings such as Likert anchors and number of selections options, are repeated over several questions. 

This menu is not active until the survey has been started and the header information provided.

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