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The file menu has the following options:

  • New Survey: clears the current operations and starts building a new survey
  • Open Build File: opens the saved build file to allow continued adding to or editing of a saved survey.
  • Save Survey: Save the current survey as an HTML web page ready to be run (or further edited if you wish). If multiple pages are being save, the pages will have a number appened at the end of the file name (0 for the first page, 1 for the next page, etc) and after the first page, the extention will be .php to single that php code is being used.
  • Save Build File: Saves the current survey as a build file that can be open again at a later time to continue adding to or editing of the survey.  This file is in a markup language developed for this program but is text readable.  The extension .sbr will be given to the file.
  • Save Variable Names: Saves a file with the name of the structure: Short_Title.csv. The short title comes from the start survey dialog and this file name will be the filename the data collection cgi routine is looking for. Just put this file in the folder you direct the cgi routine to and then your file will have the variable names at the beginning of tile for your stat package to read.

This menu is not available when SurveyBuildR is run as an applet.



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