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The toolbar, shown above, allows you to start the survey, add standard demographic questions, add not question elements, and preview the survey.  Each button is given a bit more description below:

  • Start Form:  must be pressed before being able to add items to a survey.  This button opens a window where you can add:
    • Title to the survey which shows up at the top of the survey and in the browser bar.
    • Short Title: code for storing your survey, will be the data file name if you use the standard cgi script.
    • Server: where the cgi script is stored.
    • Path to the script.
    • Name of the Script
    • Path to the data file
    • Web address for the debriefing/thank you page for your survey.
  • Demographics: opens a window where you can select standard demographic questions to be asked.  These questions cannot be edited in SurveyBuildR.  If you need your own questions, use the regular question buttons.
  • Add Text: Add descriptive text or instructions to your survey.  It is not formatted but if you know HTML markup you can format your text in this way.
  • Divider: a horizontal line
  • Preview:  previews your survey in your default browser without having to save the survey.


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